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4 Natural Hair Facts That You Should Know

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Today, we are going to talk about four natural hair facts. These facts are not so obvious, and usually, they don’t talk much about them.

1. Аll products are pretty much harmful.

Almost all hair products have at least one harmful ingredient. Lots of hair care specialists recommend making all of these products by yourself. We can only agree with that point of view. You might just start making your own products as well.

Some of these ingredients are not bad, and some of them are just for storing – they’re an ingredient that gives your product a longer shelf life because natural products expire pretty fast.

So hair companies will put an additive in there to make it last longer. Does that seem unnatural? Yes. Will that harm your hair? Not that much. But that’s the risk you take when you add outside chemicals.

It’s really up to you whether you’re going to use products or you’re going to down to make your own products because even some doctors agree that some of these components had nothing to do with hair.

2. Your hair is going to break off.

You can see a lot of YouTubers that have polished beautiful hair just because some of these natural hair YouTubers are hairstylists. So it’s easy for them to do the hair because they care about this 24/7. But the average person is going to have hair breakage, and it honestly has nothing to do with the texture or hair type of your hair.

It just has everything to do with human errors of treating hair. Everybody got breakage, everybody. So don’t get too caught up if you have breakage. What you really want to do is start worrying about how you detangle.

For example, water does not necessarily equal to moisture. Water does have the ability to soften your hair and make it more manageable. Water also has the ability to dry out your hair.

Dumping a bunch of water in your hair and trying to detangle or to style is not healthy. Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so when you go in trying to detangle all these massive knots, your hair is going to break off.

Your hair is at its healthiest and strongest state when it is dry.

3. Your hair is going to grow regardless of what you do to it.

Your hair is going to grow whether you take vitamins or whether you don’t. Some people do not understand how long it naturally takes for you to get hair down your back.

Getting hair down your back is not something that happens within two years. It’s not even something that happens within three years. You’ll need at least 4 to 5 years to do that. But some people are in the second year, and for some reason, you feel like your hair should be this long. They just have these unrealistic expectations for hair growth.

Your hair may not grow because you have a terrible natural hair routine like you have a terrible detangle method, and you break the hair off all the time.

Growth retaining length is more important than trying to figure out what hair serum or multivitamins will generate more hair growth, or what brand of biotin should I take to generate more hair growth.

It’s just the safe practices that you implement not to break off what you have. Some people are so worried about future growth that you’re not getting to future growth because you are breaking off your hair.

4. Your hair is not going to flourish if you don’t love it.

Hair’s not instantly going to become beautiful. In order for your natural hair to flourish and for it to be beautiful, you really have to put some elbow grease into it. You have to love your hair!

Do you ever notice that things that are connected with love are usually the most beautiful out there in this world? And something that is connected to hate and evil is typically unpleasant.

We really want you to associate the way you think and the way you feel about your hair. We’ve gotten messages that you are frustrated with your hair because it does not look like others.

You shouldn’t try to get exact hair like on magazine pictures when you do her hairstyles, you should go for what your hair is going to look like, and love whatever your hair gives you.

That’s why your hair is not reflecting beauty because you don’t like it. You should figure out what you can do with your hair. If you have this product and this product works for your hair – use that product. Through love, you’ll be able to understand your hair well.

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