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Hair Stylists Answer The Most-Asked Google Questions About The Hair

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In this article, we are going over the world’s most googled hair questions, the questions you have been dying to know what the answers to.

Of course, we took this idea from Wired, who does it all the time with celebrities. They Google their names and see what comes up most searched, so we’re Google and hair questions about hair cuts, hair colors, growing your hair, and we’re going to answer it.

How does hair grow?

That’s a great question and also a very loaded question. You can kind of think about hair like a plant. The hair bulb is like the seed, and it’s planted in a follicle inside of your scalp. The cells form in the hair shaft, which then pushes up and out of the scalp, and there you go, you have a wonderful hair plant made up of keratin.

How does hair dye work?

Hair dye comes in a lot of different shapes and forms. We have permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent – a lot of different kinds of permanence. We will answer – how does permanent hair color work.

Basically, small color molecules penetrate the hair cuticle, which is that outside layer of the hair and goes into the cortex of the hair.

It has a chemical reaction with the melanin in the hair in order to deposit that pigment into the cortex. It’s a two-step process typically for 30 minutes: the hair is lifted, the hair follicle is opened. It goes underneath those shingles of the hair and then deposits the tone into the cortex.

It’s obviously a very difficult thing to understand because this is science, so we hope you found some kind of understanding from that response.

How does hair turn gray?

Basically, as we age, pigment cells die in the hair, which causes loss of melanin. Melanin is what gives your hair color, so without it, your hair follicle is essentially see-through and can appear gray when it’s layered on top of other strands that are sprinkled in your hair. It’s just a reflection of light through those hairs to those darker hairs. Nobody’s hair is really ever completely solid gray.

Because of how the light reflects through the hair, you’re going to see a lot of those gray tones being picked up from that darker hair behind the white hair. Essentially gray hair is not gray hair. It has no payment at all in it. The hair fades over time and loses all of its pigment.

When does hair grow?

Hair grows and all times, all day, all night, every day of your life.

When does hair loss start?

Hair loss can happen because of chemotherapy or a hair-pulling disorder or tension alopecia. There are endless reasons why hair falls out. However, if we’re talking about age only, it can happen anytime after puberty. For men by age 35, almost two-thirds of men will have experienced hair loss. Some females also have hair loss happen, but there’s not an exact time when that’s going to happen.

When does hair stop growing?

Never, until you die.

When does hair fall out?

On average, people lose about a hundred strands of hair every single day. That sounds so much, but you have tens of thousands of pieces of hair in your head. That can happen at any time, any day.

You can brush your hair and pull out some pieces. You can go to bed, and your hair might get pulled. You can wash your hair, and some hair will come out. It’s natural, and it happens to all of us.

You’re not going bald. We all lose hair every single day of our lives 24/7.

Why does hair get greasy?

Our scalp produces oils to protect it and also rehydrate our hair to keep it healthy and flowy. It’s really just trying to hydrate and keep your skin from cracking, breaking, and getting dry. Oil secretion is for protection.

Some of us overly produce oil due to many different factors. You could have something wrong with you medically, or you could just be washing your hair too much, which then dries your hair out. Your scalp kind of freaks out, and it overproduces oils to keep rehydrating your dry scalp.

Then the oil is moving down the hair shaft and make your hair appear greasy. Because you’re over-washing your hair, it is over-producing oils, and the cycle just goes on and on.

Not washing it every day is a great thing and will eventually make your hair less greasy and oily.

When does hair color expire?

Hair color can typically last one to two years after it’s opened and three years if it’s been unopened. It depends from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically it lasts quite a while.

When does hair color to stop changing?

Normally we lose all of our baby hair by three years old, and then your hair darkens until age five. Then it all changes again after your puberty, so you’ve already had three changes in hair color up until now.

After puberty, you’re kind of stuck with that color for a while until your hair turning gray if it eventually does. Some of our hair may not turn gray but if that is the next step and then usually the end.

So your hair color is always changing. It also depends on how much sunlight you’re getting, so from baby to grandmother or grandfather, your hair color is always going to be changing.

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