The best bangs for your face shape

How to choose a perfect bang?

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Bangs are great! They can enhance your overall vibe or your image, and they can also correct the unwanted features of your face. So if your face is too long or too wide, you can correct that with bangs. If your face is too angular and you don’t like that, you can correct it with bangs. If you’ve got bad filler and your cheekbones and you got bad Botox in your forehead, you can fix that with bangs. The possibilities with bangs are endless.

Let’s discuss the different factors to figure out which bangs will suit your face shape. Things really depend on your face, which bang will suit you best depend a lot on your individual face shape.

The ideal and the most feminine face shape for a woman, according to research, is an oval. Thus, our goal is to make your face appear more oval. Based on that, we are going over all the different ways you can make your face look more oval with bangs.

1. Round faces

Round faces tend to be wider around the cheeks, so with a rounded face, we’re trying to add more angles. We’re trying to get a more angular dimensional face. But not too angular because we still want to keep sort of roundness but just like a skinnier rounded.

In this case, we definitely recommend a side-swept bang. It will really add a nice angle on your hair, something that figuratively chops up your face a little bit. It’ll also add a nice bone structure, so you can carve out those cheekbones and make you look really sucked in on the side.

Keep the bang a little bit above the eyebrow because you don’t want to get rid of your length, we want to keep it, only to get rid of some width to make you look more angular and more oval. You can wear a shorter bang, or a baby pan, you can do a medium bang, etc., just keep it above the eyebrows. We wouldn’t recommend doing it below the eyebrows, or else you’re going to get a short face. Because you do have a round face, it already is pretty short generally, so just don’t cut the length too short and add some nice edgy layering on the side.

2. Square faces

Square faces are pretty much the same thing. Because you got a really strong jaw, so you should work with the length of your hair. Cutting into the layers on the side is definitely going to help soften up that jaw. Also, with a square face, you do have a lot of width to it. So, adding a bang that’s not too long, not too short, is going to be great.

3. Oblong faces

Clearly, you got a long face, which is fine, so you want longer things because it’ll trick the eye into thinking that your face isn’t as long as before. Anything below the eyebrow would be great because you’re getting rid of a lot of your forehead space.

You’re not trying to get rid of any width on the side, you’re just trying to keep your weight the same but get rid of length. So, a longer fringe is highly recommended for people with oblong faces.

4. Heart-shaped faces

The heart-shaped face, literally it’s a heart, so it’s wider up and scanner down to a point. We’re trying to decrease the width of the forehead instead of before, where we’re trying to decrease the width of the cheekbones and the width of the face in general with our square and round faces.

We are not going to cut the bangs too far to the side because it decreases that forehead length. We’re going to take the bangs section from probably here to here like just above the eyebrows so you can kind of push it out of the way, so you still get a nice face.

When you have a wide forehead with a heart-shaped face, bring it close, and that’ll give you a beautiful, more rounded oval face.

If you want to make it even more ovalish, then definitely add some layering, and that’s going to give you the most feminine look. The length’s not really that important here because we’re not talking about having a longer face or a shorter face. We’re just talking about the width of it at the forehead.

You can play around with length, do whatever you please like a soft fringe or a heavy fringe. It’s going to work perfectly for you.

5. Diamond faces

The diamond is actually becoming increasingly popular within a female culture that wants a diamond face. A lot of people are getting filler to accentuate the curvature of their faces, accentuate the jaw and the cheekbones, and getting intense cheekbones.

The length of your bangs doesn’t matter much here. You can get away with a lot of things because you’re not dealing with a proportion problem, you’re dealing with curvature problem. You can play around with the heights and weights of your bangs, and by weight, we mean thick or thin bang. Whatever you want to do with the diamond face, it’s pretty much fine.

If you want to feminize your face a bit more, we’ll definitely recommend having a lot of that nice feathering, but not too much, so you look really shaggy. You can do some curls going forward around your face that’ll decrease and give you a little less of a sharp jawbone and cheekbone.

6. Oval faces

Oval girls are the queen’s in this article. You can have a lot of fun with your bangs: you can wear a micro bang, or a really blunt bang, you can do thin or medium thickness, short or middle bangs. You can do anything because you’re not trying to correct anything. But in the case of an oval face, the bang really brings attention to your eyes.

Another thing to take into consideration when getting a fringe cut is your lifestyle. For example, if you live in New York and it is pretty cold there. However, it is the best time to cut a fringe because you don’t have to worry about the heat, making your forehead drip and sweat, your bangs sticking to it, a humidity hitting, and your bangs going crazy. All these things could happen in the summer that doesn’t generally occur in the winter.

We would recommend if you’re going to try out a fringe for the first time, do it during the winter. It’ll be the best time of year to do it. Also, use the proper humidity defense products if you are in the humid weather.

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