Is Shaving Bad For A Woman?


Men are not the only species with hair on their skin. Women too have hair that they need to get rid of, on a regular basis. The most widely used method of removing hair is indeed shaving. Men and women alike use this method in order to attain hairless skin.

However, this requires attention to some factors which you may not be aware of before proceeding to shave. Below are some of the factors that call for your attention before you shave.

Is the myth true?

As we are all aware, there is a myth which says that the hair tends to grow back even thicker than it was if you shave it. However, dermatologists have clinically proven that there is no such case as that.

It has absolutely no effect on the thickness, color or volume of hair whatsoever, despite the old beliefs that it does increase thickness. Therefore, do not let such mythical beliefs cage you from achieving what you want.

Pick the razor

The most important factor is not to use the same razor which you use to shave your legs. When you shave for hair removal in your face, using the same razor to do that task too will be a cause that spreads bacteria and dead skin on your face. It is essential that you separate the two razors and keep them for each specific task rather than using the same one for both. Remember that you face and legs don’t carry the same amount of bacteria.

Something to think about

Shaving can even help you achieve full body hair removal treatment. However, although shaving can give you skin smoothening benefits with regards to your face; it can also cause in-grown hair on your face due to the micro-damage which affects your facial skin.

It is also advised to shave in the direction of the hair growth in order to prevent irritation on your skin. These tips need to be taken into your mind if you are hoping to achieve an error-free clean shaven skin via the razor or an electric shaver.

Ultimate result

Bottom line is that we are all in search of a method to get rid of the annoying hair on our faces as women. If you really want to achieve that and you’re down to the last penny, shaving is worth a try. Put away all the old mythical beliefs and listen to what science has to say and then make your decision on whether to shave or not. If it really isn’t your cup of tea, then you have many more methods which will help you reach your goal.

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