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So, we continue to answer the most googled hair questions. This topic is so popular that you can spend more than one week answering all the popular questions about hair. However, we limit ourselves to these two articles. We hope that they will be useful to you and you will learn a lot from them.

How does hair color remover work?

Hair color remover is different from bleached because it actually goes into the hair shaft breaks in those large color molecules. So after they’re broken down, the particles become so small that they’re able to be washed out. The color remover is made only to wash out artificial pigment from your hair, so if your hair is naturally brown, naturally red, naturally blond, it’s not going to take anything out of your hair essentially.

It’s only going to take out those artificial tones that you had previously put in your hair. But it will not reverse any lightening processes, so you’ve done to your hair because the lightening process is actually just removing the pigment from your hair. It does not replace it with any pigment

You’re still going to be left with your hair that you had before the color remover. You’re going to be left with just raw lifted hair without having any color molecules injected into the hair anymore. Basically, it sucks out all those color molecules and leaves you with raw hair to then replace the color molecules with a different color of your desire.

How does hair color wax work?

It is just a semi-permanent color that just lays on top of your hair. Think about like roasting a cake. You can kind of leave a coating on your hair, and it’ll wash out with the shampoo. Hair color wax is super fun to use because you can instantly change your hair, and it’ll wash right out.

Does cutting hair make it grow back faster?

No, it does not make it grow back faster. It’ll make it grow back healthier but not faster. So no, that’s not true.

Does cutting hair make it stronger?

Well, cutting hair removes dead ends or length. When you remove those split ends, it prevents the hair from splitting. Technically, we would say it makes it stronger because it’s not split. It’s a thicker strand of hair, and it’s going to stay on your head for longer. So yes, we would say it makes your hair stronger.

Does cutting hair get rid of lice?

Actually, unless you’re completely shaving your head, it’ll get rid of your lice because lice thrive in your hair. If you have no hair, then there will be no lice, but otherwise, if you just give yourself a trim, it’s not going to affect the lice unless you shave your head. So, the answer that is, technically, yes. If you shave your head, you can get rid of lice.

Does cutting hair make it thicker?

Cutting your hair can create the illusion of your hair up being thicker. It’s coming out of your scalp the same as it has been, so it’s not actually going to be thicker. But if you have fine hair and you cut your ends, it’s gonna make it feel and look thicker because you’re getting rid of those striving ends on your hair. That’s making your hair look very fine and fragile. Cutting your hair technically does not make it thicker, but it can create the illusion of that.

Does brown hair dye fade?

Yes, all hair dye fades.

Does brown hair dye cover red?

If you use a certain kind of brown hair dye, yes it can. Opposite of red on the color wheel is green, so if you use a dark enough brown with green undertones, you can cancel out red in your hair. So, yeah, you can do that.

Does brown hair turn gray?

Yes, every kind of hair color could possibly turn gray.

Does brown hair dye washout?

Sure, if you’re using a demi-permanent, semi-permanent color, it can wash out if it’s permanent.

Does blonde hair turn brown?

It can. If you’re born with blonde hair, it can turn brown. Usually, that happens in adolescence.

Does blonde hair fade?

Well, pollution can make your hair turn a bit yellow, so if you consider yellow fading technically, your hair doesn’t get any darker because of the pollution in the air.

Does blonde hair look less greasy?

Usually, blonde hair doesn’t get as greasy as brown hair because it is so much drier. If you’re chemically lightening your hair, your hair is automatically gonna be drier than brown hair. So usually, the oils are being absorbed by your hair because it needs those nutrients, and it’s not getting greasy as fast. So yeah, typically blonde hair does get less greasy.

Does blonde hair age you?

That depends. Sometimes, yeah. Any color can really have that power to make or break somebody. That’s up to you to decide. That’s very subjective

Does blonde hair tangle easier?

If your hair is damaged and yes, it’s gonna tangle easier. However, we would say that we’ve seen blonde hair that is very silky soft and detangled easily, and we’ve also seen blonde hair that is very tangled and matted. It’s the same thing with brown hair and blonde hair.

How do I make my hair grow faster?

This is the question everybody wants the answer to, and it’s really the simplest question to answer. To grow your hair faster, you must be healthy. You must have a great diet, you must workout, get outside, be all-around healthy, and your hair will thank you for it. It’ll grow thicker, and it’ll grow faster, it’ll grow shinier.

Generally speaking, if you eat well, you exercise, you live a healthy life, and your hair will grow beautifully. We also are NOT big believers all these supplements that claim to grow your hair.

How do I make my hair color last longer?

That’s a good one. Use the proper products, don’t wash your hair a ton, use a shampoo conditioner that is specially formulated for color, and don’t wash it a lot. That’s really the biggest secret. Don’t wash your hair a lot because the color molecules will slowly be released from your hair and will make it fade and kind of turn weird colors. Just chill with the washing if you have colored hair.

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