Starlet Style: The secret to smooth retro hair


Stars such as Paloma Faith and Lana Del Ray have been rocking the retro look for a while now, and the look is more popular than ever. Finger curls and victory rolls are the epitome of glamour, and this style has been seen on both the catwalk and red carpet to great effect.

While it may seem a complicated look to replicate; with a range of hair smoothing products, curling tongs or heated rollers, a few bobby pins and a tail comb it is simplicity itself to build this ultra chic glamorous style on your own hair.

Roll up, roll up!

The victory roll hairstyle is said to be named after a fighter plane maneuver, and the style was worn a great deal in the 1940s. This hairstyle works well when your hair is shoulder length or longer. Your favorite salon should be able to create this look easy for you but if you want to go it alone, here’s how.

In order to recreate this amazing style, start with dry hair and decide which parts of the hair you are looking to roll and section your hair accordingly. A centre parting or a side parting both work well with this look so the choice is yours.

Carefully curl the front sections of your hair using either curling tongs or heated rollers. If you have a little more time the night before, try using soft rollers and sleep with them in your hair to create perfect curls. When the curls at the front have cooled, gently backcomb the hair sections at the root and keeping the backcombing sturdy, very gently smooth the sides of the section using a paddle brush and very small movements. Spritz with a little hairspray to hold the structure in place.

Get the retro look!

Once your hair has been sculpted into sections to roll, take the piece of hair and wrap the tips around your fingers and carefully roll the hair down to your scalp. Once the roll is perfectly in place, take a bobby pin and secure the front of the roll and then pin the back of the roll carefully with another bobby pin.

Spray with a fine hairspray to keep the roll in place and do the same on the other side of your head if desired. When the front of your hair is carefully rolled, you can choose to gently tease out the curls at the back to form a more solid structure or pin up the back of your hair for a classic and elegant style.

Curls for Retro girls

Victory rolls are not always necessary to create a classic glamorous style, and with a set of curling tongs or heated rollers, you can add swirling curls to your look. Curl your hair using tongs or rollers and then gently backcomb the curls into place, smooth over carefully with a paddle brush and spray with a little fine hairspray for a glossy starlet style.

If you don’t have access to heated rollers or tongs, you can always apply a little mousse to freshly washed hair and tease hair into gentle curls and pin them up until dried. When your hair has dried completely, carefully create your desired style using your finger and a touch of hairspray. Finger curls can create soft waves or silky curls, and it is an easy way to customize your look.

Short and stylish

If you happen to have shorter hair then getting a stylish wave in your locks is easily achieved with a few bobby pins and a comb. Harking back to the 1920s and 30s, finger waving is the perfect way to give your hair a touch of 20s Hollywood glamour if you have short bobbed hair.

Achieved by coating your hair in styling wax or gel and combing a section of your hair at the root to one side, fixing with a bobby pin within an inch or so and then combing hair beneath the grip the other way and fixing with a bobby pin on repeat until desired; this look used to be a popular flapper girl style and is much copied today. Just check out Rihanna hair pictures for some inspiration – her barnet is slightly different every time we catch a glimpse of her.

The retro look is exceptionally chic at the moment and the perfect look for any glamorous occasion so why not try a little 1940s style at your next special event?

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