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We found out that a lot of girls don’t know which hair brushes do what. In this article, we are going to give you tips about which hairbrush is best for your hair type and which brush is best for your desired style.

We’ll be going over some of the best hairbrushes to use for both curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair.

If we do not mention the brush you currently have, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It just means that it’s not something that we find to be necessary or ideal for any hair types or textures.

1. The Rat Tail Comb

It’s great for hairstyling, it’s great for hair coloring, for sectioning hair, for braiding, etc. This brush is great to get really nice teasing or backcombing the hair and adding some volume because the teeth are so close together, so you can really get that backcombing really tight. It’s also great to get those clean, perfect sections you love.

2. The Regular Comb

It is 1/2 wide tooth, and the other half is very close teeth. This comb is ideal for haircuts because you can easily get those knots out with the wider side, and then you can smooth the hair out with the closer teeth.

However, it is nice to use for styling purposes because of the fact that you can get such a good grip on it, and with the Rat Tail Comb, the grip isn’t as nice and as thick as this one. It just depends on what kind of grip you want.

3. The Wide-toothed Comb

The Wide-toothed Comb is essential to combing out knots in your hair when your hair is wet. This is going to be super gentle on your knots, and it’s not going to pull your hair because of wide spaces in between the bristles.

You’re not going to get much pulling, but it’s going to be pretty gentle on the hair. This is also great to use in the shower with a hair mask. You can distribute the hair mask nicely throughout each hair strand and get it very even.

4. The Teasing Brush or Teasing Comb

You can use this more of a tool to brush out your teasing. Typically it would help if you used a Rat Tail Comb and then the Teasing Comb to brush out the backcombings. That’s because this brush does a really nice job of just smoothing out the hair and not detangling it.

This is a great brush to go over at the top of your hair web and just smooth out that teasing. Because it has boar bristle brushes, it is great at adding shine and gently detangling, not pulling your hair, and keeping the volume intact.

5. Detangling Brushes

We sure, most of you have a detangling brush at home. They are amazing for brushing out wet hair because the bristles are so bendable you can really get in there, and it won’t pull out your hair and won’t be too aggressive.

However, some people use brushes aggressively, and it’s concerning. You should be gentle with your hair, show your hair love, and your hair will show you love back.

6. Ceramic Round Brushes

These are the things that most people should be using. They are ideal for amazing glam blowout a moment because this is ceramic plated, and it is going to heat up and act as a gentle curling iron. When the blow dryer hits, the brush it heats up and then curls the hair, so you’re going to get a lot of volumizing benefits.

You’re also going to get a lot of curling benefits depending on what size you go. With a smaller one will give you a lot of curls, a medium-sized will give you less, and a larger size will just give you a bit of a bevel on end and a lot of volumes.

You can also use these to really smooth out your hair sleek and straight. Just avoid rotating the brush a lot and use it more as just a flat brush. It’ll still give you a little bit of bevel, but you can also use these to make your hair straight.

You can really make any style with a Ceramic Round Brush. Also, most round brushes come with the attachment on the bottom, so you can actually part the hair without a comb. So you don’t have to put down the brush or the blow-dryer and pick up your comb, and it saves you time and effort.

7. The Boar Bristle Round Brush

They are a little pricey. However, you get what you pay for. These are great to really smooth out the hair. They take a little bit more effort and patience. It definitely prolongs your blow-dry a little bit, but if you’re okay with that, the result will be better.

We recommend it to use on people with very frizzy and very curly hair. These also provide a lot more grip than the ceramic brushes do. With this Ceramic Round Brush, it has a lot of slip wear, but these have a lot more tension, especially when you are trying to blow curly hair because you need that tension to get that curl released.

These do not heat up as the ceramic brushes do. It just takes a lot more grip a lot more strength and a lot more pulling the hair and getting it nice and taut to blow dry.

The Boar Bristles are known to add a lot of shine and a lot of health to the hair and to distribute oils throughout the hair very nicely.

8. The Paddle Brush

You should use one of these if you’re the type of person who loves to have really pin-straight hair. The nylon bristles on a Paddle Brush are great for smoothing out hair and also the fact that it is completely flat.

These are amazing really great for blowing out hair straight, and they’re super easy to use.

9. The Denman Brush

This one’s been around for a long time, and it is a classic for every hairdresser. This is a more advanced brush, so we would recommend it for hairdressers. However, at-home use, it’s a little more difficult, but you can do it if you’re like willing to try.

This brush has an amazing weight, so you don’t drop it. You can get really close to the scalp, and it doesn’t snag on the hair, it doesn’t pull. There’s also such a small bevel to the brush so you can get that really nice sleek and polished ends

It’s a great brush for shorter hair or people with curly hair that don’t want their hair to snag on their brush. You’ll never get snagging with this brush, but also you get a nice tension because it has this rubber base on it to give you just a slight amount of tension, so your hair doesn’t completely slip out of the brush. It is a great brush for many reasons and many uses.

10. The Round Paddle Brush

It has a nice beautiful size as a mixture of the natural bristles combined with the nylon bristles, which gives you great smoothing and great detangling properties.

Also, these are just great for that flat beach wave look. If you’re trying to do it with a blow dryer, you can totally get it done with this thing.

It’s going to be a little bit more work because there is no ceramic component to it, so it does not heat up a great brush to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny.

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