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Perhaps your cosmetologist has told you that brittle nails are a sign of calcium deficiency in the body and dry skin suffers from a lack of vitamin A. It is the same with hair.

In fact, it is one of the most accurate barometers for our health, as any particular sign of hair weakness directly or indirectly shows a problem in the body.

The Problem with Split Ends

Problem 1: Split ends. It is caused by the dryer, paint and hot curling irons. But it is not so simple. If you take care of it, trim it every 3-4 weeks and do not treat it with a dryer, and it still continues to look like a haystack, think about your diet.

Hair loves castor oil, almond oil, and olive oil. Smear it with one of these oils and wrap it with a hot, drained cloth. After an hour, wash it well and apply on it freshly beaten egg or yogurt. Rinse with chamomile tea or lime blossom.

The Problem with Wavy Hair

Problem 2: Wavy hair. It screams of disrupted operations in the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, waviness shows loss of moisture in the hair. So try to strengthen your hair with folk remedies.

If there is no improvement, visit a doctor. Change your menu that you should be filled with lactic acid products, love the masks.

Problems with Colorless Hair

Problem 3: Colorless hair. This indicates a lack of smoothness in each hair individually as well as burned out pigment (natural or artificial). The main reason for colorless hair is low hemoglobin. Women more often suffer from iron deficiency or anemia. Because of their menstrual cycle and births, they lose lots of blood.

Colorless hair often lacks vitamin H, which improves the condition of the hard layer of the hair. To find this vitamin in nature is difficult, so take preparations containing it 2-3 times a year. Nourish your body with tyrosine. Eat almonds, avocados, dairy, and sesame and pumpkin seeds.

Do not forget about zinc. Thinning hair speaks of deficiency of this element in the body. Besides seafood, it will be useful to eat meat, poultry, oats, pulses, eggs, milk and black bread and sunflower seeds. Check your hemoglobin and emphasize products that contain iron, pomegranate, meat, and red wine.

Increased Porosity of the Roots

Problem 4: “I can not do anything with it,” complains a young lady to a hairdresser. If she is on the street, her hair electrifies so much that you cannot give it a shape, and if it rains, it “sticks.”

Rinse your hair with cold, carbonated mineral water that tones the scalp and has a natural micro-massage effect, stimulating blood circulation.

Problems with Dry Hair

Problem 5: Dry hair. Consult a nephrologist; people with kidney disease have dry hair. And yet, it is possible to have a deficiency of vitamins A, B and C, and protein deficiency.

Tip: Pay attention to the means of hair care (shampoos and masks) containing bamboo extract; they strengthen and revive the thin, colorless, dry hair; give it volume, and do not overload.

Hair Loss

Problem 6: Catastrophic hair loss brings you fear. Do not panic. Analyze the situation regarding where you were in the last six months. Did you recently give birth to a baby? Or did you stop your pregnancy? Then, the reason is endocrine disorders. Such events entail imbalance of male and female sex hormones, which affects your head.

Tip: Wait. After two or three months, your condition should improve. If this does not happen, test your blood, especially the sugar in it. Hair loss may be the first sign of diabetes mellitus, which violates the microcirculation in the capillaries that feed the hair follicles.

If significant changes in the body are not observed, the reason for hair loss is everyday stress, chronic constipation or osteochondrosis in the cervical area of the spine.

Stress should be removed. Learn to do this with good music, scented oils and sounds of nature. Constipation, when the body with each passing day more and more clogged with slag, it is proper nutrition. Be friends with cellulose (cabbage, apples, and carrots) and water sports. Treat osteochondrosis with massages, and stress will go away.

Problems with Dandruff

Problem 7: Dandruff. Refer with particular attention to the gastrointestinal tract. Oily flakes on the head indicate a problem with the colon, disorders of bile paths and delayed metabolism. Furthermore, dandruff can be a consequence of allergies.

Tip: Eat right and avoid sugar, salt, coffee, and carbonated drinks. Do you adore chips? Then you will have to choose between being crispy or shaking the white snowflakes on your jacket.

Your mane can recover by taking enzyme preparations. They will help the liver and pancreas to function normally.

The Causes of Premature Graying

Problem 8: Silver in the hair. The pancreas and thyroid are at risk. In this case, it is important to turn off hormonal dysfunction.

Tip: Eat less salt and acidic food. Do not tire yourself and avoid stress.

Violation of Pigmentation of Hair

Problem 9: “I am shocked,” shared a reader. “My luxuriant golden hair, my pride and main achievement in life were darkened.” Go to the doctor. Most likely, the liver and bile fight anxiety. Difficult movement of bile from the liver and intestines stomach assisted discharge of colored pigments in the blood. It delivers them to the hair follicles from which the hair darkens.

Tip: Keep the gallbladder safe. Avoid fried foods, soda, and ice cream. And your waistline will become thinner. Most luxurious hair grows until the 30th year. From 30 to 50 years, the amount has sharply decreased. Then, you can remain unchanged.

British stylist Andy Ufels, who works with many celebrities, made an exciting discovery: customers whose hair is in excellent condition have much greater success at work and in private life than farmers’ hair with the nine bases of disability. So keep your hair safe!

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