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Many women complain about the lack of volume in the hair roots. Voluminous hair is sexy, and it looks thick and healthy. See these tested tricks for voluminous hair.


This is a classic method when you want to get volume at the roots. To achieve this, grab individual strands of hair and comb them back, then gently comb them smooth with a wide-tooth comb.

Working with a hairdryer

To make your hair more voluminous while you are drying it, bend your head over. This way you allow gravity to give you volume at the roots. Bend and straighten your head a few times and finally spray with hairspray.

The right hairstyle

It is of particular relevance to the volume of hair what hairstyle you choose. A layered hairstyle, for example, creates an illusion of thick and voluminous hair. Also keep in mind that the longer the hair, the less volume there is as your hair is heavy and looks straighter.

The right hair brush

When you are blow drying your hair, work with a round brush at the roots, gently twisting the individual strands. Finally, spray hairspray at the roots and run your fingers through the hair

While you are sleeping

While you are sleeping you can also help your hair become more voluminous. For example, twist your hair in a loose ballet bun or roll it with rollers. The other option is to bend over and gather the hair into a high ponytail; it is important not to tighten the rubber band, but to leave it loose. In the morning, release your hair and you will have more volume at the roots.

Dry shampoo

It is not good to wash your hair too often because water washes away the natural oils from the scalp. As a result, the body is stimulated to produce a larger amount of oil and the hair becomes greasy quicker. Therefore it is good from time to time to use a dry shampoo instead of running to the bathroom.

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