What Does Your Hair Say About You

Featured Hairstyle

Straight, curly, red, short – see what your hairstyle reveals about your character.

If you have red hair:

If you are a redhead, that means you’re an outgoing, fun person with a good sense of humor and optimistic view of the world. In love relationships, you often change your mind, but you’re always looking for that spark of love that keeps you alive. Sometimes, you are a drama queen and make mountains out of molehills. On the other hand, you are often very shy.

If you have curly hair:

Curly ladies are entertaining people with warm hearts. They are generous, enterprising and responsible for the tasks to which they are put. If you have curly hair, you have a fiery character. You like leadership and passion, but you’re very dynamic, intuitive and sometimes even aggressive.

If you have very thick hair:

If you are the owner of thick hair, it means that you have a very strong will. Thick hair means a lot of energy and strong will but also stubbornness to the highest degree.

If you have short hair:

This hairstyle says that its owner often does not pay attention to minor things and problems to avoid an unnecessary headache. It shows that people with a similar hairstyle often ignore their own feelings.

Shaved head:

If you decide to shave your head, you are likely to be a very romantic person. According to Chinese culture, it means many positive qualities, including a big heart, clear goals and determination.

If you have straight hair but always curl it:

This means that in your life there, is not enough fun and you are constantly looking for new adventures. You make your hair chaotic and wild because you want your life to be like that.

If you have curly hair but constantly straighten it:

This means that your life is chaotic. Hair straightening is considered to achieve some sort of balance, keep control and carry peace.

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